We are Oriusu, an independent clothing brand based in the UK. We design clothes for i us u - everyone.

A mixture of exaggerated shapes and effortless styling, with no shyness when it comes to being oversized. We focus on capsule items which deliver key looks that won't disappear with the seasons ever changing trends. All items are made to last and you won’t tire when reaching for them in your wardrobe.

The fabrics we use are sourced locally, focusing on biodegradable fibres, industry offcuts or deadstock fabrics. Our styles can be extremely limited as there may not be any fabric left for reruns. This makes every item you purchase extra special and unique.


All garments are designed in-house, and then manufactured ethically in limited runs or on a made to order basis. We construct a number of styles ourselves, as well as working closely with a small family-run factory and a number of independent seamstresses here in the UK.


We strongly believe in as little waste as possible, and this includes how we package your orders too! All garments are safely placed inside bags made from potato starch, and then sent to you in a cardboard box or paper mailer which you can either reuse or recycle.

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